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2009-09-19 49 9

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Sat 19 Sep 2009 in Würrrzburg:
49.6525910, 9.6197312

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[edit] Parrrticipants

[edit] Expedition

I set off in the morrrning and took what I thought to be an optimal rrrout to the hash point. 2 hourrrs of cycling along the highway laterrr, and 1 kilometerrr from the geohash, I found a sign forrr the Rrromantic Strrrasse; which heads rrright through Würrrzburg. *sigh*

The last kilometerrr turrrned out to be completely up hill. The rrroad even had a switch back! Neverrr the less, I made it to the coorrrdinates and took some picturrres.

[edit] Images