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West of -30°: .5926445, .4863695
East of -30°: .9523530, .9190686
Globalhash: 81.423538231806, 150.86470969127 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Atlanta, Georgia LuxMundi, NWoodruff This is my first hash attempt after several months of lurking. On my route...
Cape Cod, Massachusetts Reinhard, Manu After the nice international meetup the day before Manu and Reinhard travel...
München, Germany dawidi A quick evening expedition. dawidi, late as always - at least partially bec...
Würzburg, Germany Danatar, User:thepiguy in the forest near Arnstein's boroughs Müdesheim and Halsheim. Country: Ge...
Brighton, United Kingdom Macronencer Nice spot on the South Downs near South Harting
Köln, Germany --shax, someone who didn't log in to th Meetup 2009-09-18 At 18:00. Successfully reached it about 5 minutes early and waited ...

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