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Tue 15 Sep 2009 in Kiel, Germany:
54.4057106, 10.1249051

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Altenholzer Str., Altenholz-Klausdorf, (near Kiel), Germany.



Today's hashpoint in our area was only 11 KM (7 miles) from our home. Even though it was not very far, we went there by car (taking a "litle" detour before going to our favorite store).

This is the first time going geohashing with our own device, a linux smartphone named OpenMoko Freerunner. It's a suprisingly good device even though still in development, and even usable by non linux geeks such as me... At least if you carry some spare batteries on you.

We reached the #. arround 17:40 and where able to take a picture without getting out of the car. Unfortunaly we forgot the camera, so it's just a bunch of cellphone pictures.

Due to a typo in the coordinates we had to drive up and down the road several times. I forgot to download the map tiles so we had to navigate "blindly" as you can see on the wrong turns on the tracking map.

I'll promise our next geohash point will be reached by a less lazy method :-) As it was on the road (according to out GPS) it was smarter to stay in the car.


  • Car sabotaged before leaving
  • Some application crashed on my OpenMoko Freerunner blocking the view on the GPS, so we had to aim for the hashpoint again
  • Forgot to download map, took a wrong turn, delayed public transport bus, yelled at each other, laughed, bought milk