2009-09-15 40 -74

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Tue 15 Sep 2009 in 40,-74:
40.8586751, -74.3238955

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40.858675°, -74.323896°... otherwise known as a parking lot off Bloomfield Avenue near Route 46 in (what I think at that point is) Fairfield, NJ.

Not quite on my way this afternoon but not too far off, either.



Knitting Duck is going out this afternoon anyway, though not quite in the direction of the hash. It's maybe a fifteen minute detour. Since it looks like it's just in a parking lot, it should be easy enough to drive up, snap a few pictures, and head out again.


We found the place easily enough, since it's in a familiar location. It turned out to be the place where school busses go when they aren't out being school busses. Since it was late afternoon, most of the busses were out and the place was largely deserted.

We wandered around, over to the spot in question, and then back to our cars. We didn't want to stay very long because even though there weren't signs posted it seemed like a bad idea to loiter in a place where school busses live. After snapping some photographic evidence we headed out.