2009-09-14 42 -84

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Mon 14 Sep 2009 in Lansing:
42.0684934, -84.6272465

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The day's hash was in a gravel road in Hillsdale County.


excellentdude: Where the coordinates fell on this day gave me a great opportunity for progress on my reverse regional geohashing achievement for the Lansing, Michigan, graticule. The hash appeared to be in an easily accessible location near a road in Hillsdale County. I finished teaching in the afternoon, asked Julie if she would like to accompany me, and off we went! The trip took us through some parts of our home graticule that we had not been to before, particularly the Jackson area. It was interesting to see what was there and what that town and the surrounding countryside was like, especially since that's one of the main reasons I geohash.

Eventually, while closing in on our location, we crossed a sign telling us we had entered Hillsdale County. We kenw we had to be close since the point was not far into the county at all. I drove south along the final road until I had barely crossed the proper latitude. Going back up the road, I found the hash point to be in a pothole near a glove found in the road. Success! And we didn't even have to trek into the weedy ditch! I took the normal pictures, and then we went back to the car. There was a loud party going on very nearby. It sounded like whoever it was was having a pretty sweet time, but we decided against investigating further.  ;-) We headed back home, taking a slightly different route to explore the area some more. Sadly, even though the hash was in the roadway and I did pass over it in my car, I didn't even think about speed racer achievement or the necessary photo for it. Nevertheless, fun was had, and I'm sure there will be more speed racer's to be had later.


excellentdude earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -84) geohash on 2009-09-14.