2009-09-08 41 -71

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Tue 8 Sep 2009 in 41,-71:
41.5758507, -71.7359792

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Manu and Reinhard flew to the USA on 2009-09-05 to visit Reinhard's sister in Boston and have holidays in New England. They rent a car, so that they could easily travel through the country. Thanks to Juja they got the geohashing coordinates every day via SMS, so they didn't have to look for Internet cafés and such. From 8th till 10th Manu and Reinhard had rent a room in Queens/NYC to explore USA's biggest city. By driving there from Boston via I-95 they passed this Rhode Island hashpoint at a distance of only few miles and for this reason decided to let this be their 1st expedition on an other continent.

Route 165 brought them close to the hashpoint They took the first good place to park the car beside the road, which is the junction with Frosty Hollow Road that in fact is not more than a gravel road. Turning off from 165 Reinhard overlooked a bad pothole and the car's underbody hit the ground. Kneeing down and looking at the underbody afterwards made Reinhard even more afraid, that he had just damaged the car, since there were drops falling. As they didn't smell at all and the car had no problems on the following >1000 miles, we assume that it was just condensed water, maybe from the air conditioner, and nothing connected with hitting the ground. (That was the moment, when we understood, why 50 percent of American cars are pick-up trucks.)

We started walking on Hargreaves "Road" leading parallel to the 165 and closer to the hashpoint, but didn't get that far, so we walked further along the road, where it was sunny and hot. After a while we tried an other old road, but that ended in thicket soon. That was where we found that rusted oldtimer which was way too big for geotrashing. We had to walk back to the road and took an other junction, just behind the geohash. From there it was about 200 m to walk/bushwhack. On that way we crossed Mt Tom Trail, that Manu had noticed before. After taking some photos at the hashpoint, we got back to the trail, walked it to the 165 and went the longish way back along the road to our car. >6 km of walking in the sun was enough for what was thought to be a small side trip.


Manu, Reinhard and Wischi earned the Globetrotter achievement
by visiting hashpoints on 2 continents.