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Mon 7 Sep 2009 in Gotha:
50.2468975, 10.3119703

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Today's location is near Großwenkheim, in shrubbery surrounded by reed(?) near a pond.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Bad Kissingen



Another hashpoint quite out of my way, but I had to visit it because of my geohashiversary. After work I followed the state road 2280 and another road for a while before stopping my car just off the road at the beginning of a field track. I continued on foot, crossed a meadow and soon my route was blocked by large reed (or something similar). I didn't want to trample that, so I tried to find a way around. There was none, but on the side there were smaller plants that had already been trampled, probably by deer. These animal tracks I followed over the soft ground until I reached a small pond just south of the hashpoint, then I sought a trail along the edge of a large patch of very dense shrubbery without trampling more plants than absolutely necessary, which was not easy. After a few dozen metres I was near the hashpoint. It turned out to be about 3 metres inside the shrubbery but with a little force and very long arms I was able to take a picture of my GPS showing the correct coordinates. Just when I found my way back out of the reeds I saw a tractor coming from where my car was parked. When I went back towards my car I saw that the tractor had just started to plow the next field.

Exactly one year ago I did my first geohashing expedition (here). Since then, I have:

  • visited 76 hashpoints (out of 80 tries) in 19 graticules, in 4 countries (uh, I'm addicted to geohashing...)
  • met 17 other geohashers (hooray!)
  • cycled >1300 km, walked 80 km, used public transport for almost 3500 km and motorized vehicles for 2000 km (the last item is stupid, I know)
  • spend about 420 Euros for geohashing (oh, that's more than I thought. I should have added those numbers earlier)
Danatar earned the 1st Hashiversary achievement
by attempting a hash point exactly on the 1st anniversary of his inaugural geohashing expedition.
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