2009-09-07 31 -97

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Mon 7 Sep 2009 in 31,-97:
31.2468975, -97.3119703

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Near Big Elm rd in Troy, Tx.


bbgun06 so far...


Drive out there around 1:00


I left my room on Ft. Hood at about 1:15. Drove about 45 minutes to the area just north of Troy, Tx. It took a while to find the right place becuase I hadn't figured out how to enter the coordinates into my gps receiver. And the spot that it appeared to be on Google maps was a bit off. But, I found it after parking in a vacant lot and walking about 100 yards. The point was next to a fenceline in an unused cow pasture. I didn't see anyone else or any signs that anyone had been there before me. I left a note and took a few pictures. In all, a fairly easy trip for my first geohashing experience.