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Sun 6 Sep 2009 in -32,151:
-32.8835241, 151.8030964

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Sourthern End of Stockton Beach, Newcastle, Australia


  • 1337-1


1337-1 is planning on coming. While he is meant to be working in the afternoon, he plans on being there around 9:00am that morning before work. If you are looking for a place to go for a Father's Day event or something similar, I'd say this geohash could well be the perfect spot.

The location is at the southern end of Stockton Beach, Newcastle. This geohash will be very easy to reach, so if you want to do some geohashing, now is the time.


1337-1 made the journey, and successfully reached the hashpoint. Although that's not to say it all went according to plan...


I had originally planned to make the journey before heading off to work, as it wasn't exactly a particularly troublesome point. Hell, I knew the damned beach so well I could get myself the No Batteries Achievement no worries at all. But we are all aware of that Law by a man named Murphy...

Things started going downhill within 10 minutes of me posting my plan here. Of our two cars, the main one was out of action, courtesy of a leaking radiator. Even so, we still had the other vehicle (my trusty Utemobile!TM), and if I got out there before the rest of the house woke up, I'd have no worries getting there.

Of course, with the point being so easy, I decided I'd up the ante a bit. After heading out at around 7:30 in the morning (and returning to get some things I'd forgotten), I arrived at Stockton Beach at around 8am. The sun was shining, the waves were breaking, birds singing...and my arms full with all the gear I needed to achievement farm. Hey, hashing ain't no day at the beach...wait...

Anyway, simply by rocking up, I'd already qualified for the Land and Virgin Graticule achivements, and I had the gear for at least two more. I had me a nice picnic, and also did a bit of geotrashing.

Achievements done, and photos taken for proof. I decided I'd take a few shots in good internet humour, when I realised something horrible.


Thankfully, I was able to retake the photos, so no harm done. Also, I managed to come across a little something when I got home. Something letting me qualify for the dejavu achievement. A photo of me, at the very same location a few years back.

Can you say C-O-M-B-O B-O-N-U-S