2009-09-03 -37 145

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Thu 3 Sep 2009 in -37,145:
-37.7032204, 145.0148617

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In a property just off Hickford Street, Reservoir.

Consecutive Geohashing[edit]

2009-09-03 -37 145 - I - Thursday
2009-09-04 -38 146 - II - Friday
2009-09-05 -37 145 - III - Saturday
2009-09-06 -37 145 - IV - Sunday


Felix Dance[edit]

Yesterday's hash was in an almost accessible spot in the outer eastern suburbs which I briefly considered going for, but with beer to brew I decided against it. Today, however, looked even more promising - closer, closer to a public area, just me having had my bike serviced and on a day whose evening for which I had no plans.

Just before I was planning to leave after work (after a brief but intense thunderstorm passed over) I noticed that myka had left a note in the discussion page saying that he was thinking of doing this one too, so I frantically tried to arrange a meet up before heading off.

Heading north through the city and up High street, finding the ride easy going and pretty scenic with occasional views of the city (see below), I got to the smashed glass and broken fence hotspot of Reservoir and hence the geohash. Google Maps showed the location to be just inside the front fence of a residential property, but as I approached it the GPS pointed me to a drive way inside a block of flats – 2m to the west next door. Since this was within the resolution of the GPS I took this as the point (for the pedants I did stick a leg over the fence and lean over to be over the actual point in Google Maps). The time of the geohash was 7:20pm. I took a few photos and then explored the local area – a park where there were people playing soccer, hung around the geohash point for about 20 minutes waiting to see if myka would turn up, then headed home, stopping only for a Hungry Jacks veggie burger, some cash from an ATM and a few beers at Brunswick share house on my way home.

Here’s my route. Total distance = 40kms.

As it happens, this was also the first of four consecutive geohashes! Read 2009-09-04 -38 146 for the next one.


This user earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 40kms to the (-37, 145) geohash on 2009-09-03.
Felix Dance earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 4 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-09-03.