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Wed 2 Sep 2009 in 52,13:
52.9171659, 13.1950023

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In a field near Löwenberg in Brandenburg.



davidc taking 13:49 from Gesundbrunnen to Löwenberg (Mark).


After the success of the last few Brandenburg hashes, and having enjoyed seeing the countryside around Berlin, I set off for this hash in Löwenberger Land to the far northwest of the graticule.

I took the 13:49 from Gesundbrunnen, which kindly ran on schedule. Half an hour later I was in Löwenberg ready for the 3km cycle to the hash (or so I thought). I had two options for the return train: one leaving 20 minutes later and the other leaving 80 minutes later.

Upon reaching the field however, a number of obstacles presented themselves. First, a 50m wide strip of dense wheat planted along the south side necessitated a lengthy detour through the rough to the far end of the deceptively large field and back through ploughed land. Second, the hash was further into the field than I thought, and landed in a large corn field which had to be negotiated. These obstacles overcome, rabbitfox and I reached the hash, observing many deer in the forest along the way.

Alas we had missed both trains back. Fortunately on this occasion, bahn.de was right and the local timetable display was wrong, and another train arrived an hour later. In the meantime we enjoyed a highly colourful Hamburger schnitzel.

Here is a corrected map to aid future visitors in avoiding raptors.

2009-09-02 52 13 updated map.png



The hashfield on YouTube


davidc earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-09-01.