2009-08-29 52 -0

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Sat 29 Aug 2009 in 52,-0:
52.6278569, -0.9720826

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Northampton,_United_Kingdom graticule.

Field between Billesdon Coplow and Houghton. A footpath runs nearby.


Joe H, Happyhannah +1



Joe headed in from the Houghton side about 15min before the meetup time, and headed along the footpath to see if it went into the hashpoint field. It didn't. The footpath went along the wrong side of the field boundary. He waited at the stile until 4pm (meetup time), took a photo of the hashpoint from a gate at the edge of the field, and left an 'xkcd' in twigs in front of the gate. He then wandered back along the footpath to the farm track, where he spotted two people with a GPS, and went and said hello.

Joe H earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Happyhannah +1 at the (52, -0) geohash on 2009-08-29.

He then decided to continue on, up to the farmhouse, and go for an Ambassador Geohash, and said goodbye to the others. He met a farmer coming down the track, and obtained permission to access the hashpoint itself.

Joe H earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, -0) geohash on 2009-08-29.
Joe H earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from a farmer to access the (52, -0) geohash on 2009-08-29.


Hannah set off from Oakham by car with a friend (after some mild badgering and pleas to use his TomTom) and was led to a farm track within metres of the Hash point, though unfortunately on the wrong side of an 8-foot hedge. Seeing no way through, we backtracked to the main road and happened to see Joe heading towards us across the field. After meeting up and saying hi we left Joe to find the farmer and achieve his ambassador award. Note to self - wear shoes suitable for crossing fields next time!

User:Happyhannah earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (52, -0) geohash on 2009-08-29.