2009-08-29 50 10

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Sat 29 Aug 2009 in 50,10:
50.6278569, 10.9720826

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Manu and Reinhard spent their weekend in Schleusingerneundorf and saw that Saturday's hashpoint was in good distance for a nice afternoon bike trip. From Schleusingerneundorf they cycled through Hinternah, Waldau, Schönbrunn, Neustadt am Rennsteig and Möhrenbach, behind which they had to turn left on a minor road that passed the hashpoint by about 25 m. But first, they passed electrically fenced meadows with buffalo families. It turned out that there weren't buffaloes near the hashpoint, which seemed to be close to a small brook. Nevertheless, there was again a fenced meadow of 20 m width between the road and the brook, which Manu and Reinhard had to cross, if they didn't want to walk the longer way around the fence. Reinhard checked, whether there was high voltage applied to the fence and decided there wasn't, which wasn't unprobable since there weren't any animals around. Quickly crossing the fence twice and the meadow, they got to the hashpoint, which was still on their side of the brook, but somewhere between huge plants - see the photos for detailed info.

The small road proved to be very useful and was paved (sometimes rudimentarily) till the end where it got us back on the Rennsteig near Neustadt. From there we continued through Allzunah and Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig and made a side trip to the Stutenhaus near Vesser - Reinhard being crazy for further ascents. There Manu turned down Reinhard's offer to have a coffee-and-cake break, so they got back to Schleusingerneundorf, where their trip of 70 km with 1111 m total ascent successfully ended.