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Thu 27 Aug 2009 in Flensburg, Germany:
54.3297327, 9.6587506

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In a meadow near Rickert, about 5 km north of Rendsburg



dawidi from 49, 12[edit]

Two months ago, I had only gotten within 180m of a hashpoint. Staying in Kiel again for a week, this time, I wanted to succeed.

On Wednesday evening, while I was showering after we got home from a day of geocaching, my hosts looked up the hashpoints for the next day and then greeted me with the question "do you want to go to Rendsburg tomorrow?". After I had checked out the points myself I asked back, "and how would you like to rent a boat in the baltic sea?". Ultimately, we decided I would do the 54, 9 hash (this expedition) on my own in the morning, and we would do 2009-08-27 54 10 together in the afternoon.

So, I got up as early as I could manage (i.e. not that early), cycled to Felde (instead of Kiel's central station) and caught the train to Rendsburg at 10:12.

After some routing difficulties (OSM isn't really complete in Rensburg yet) I found my way to Rickert and ultimately found a gate I could cross to get onto the empty meadow where the hashpoint was. All the time, a heavy-looking military cargo airplane circled above the hash, probably practising low-altitude flight or something...

Having taken the usual photos, I cycled back to Rensburg and looked for several caches, but only found one of them... and a peculiar red UK-style phone booth in the part of town that's inside the railway ramp loop leading onto the bridge.

I had forgotten to note the departure times of the return trains, so I missed the one I had meant to take by about 2 minutes. I had to wait for an hour, which I wisely spent in a chinese restaurant nearby.



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dawidi earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (54, 9) graticule, here, on 2009-08-27.
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