2009-08-27 49 8

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Thu 27 Aug 2009 in 49,8:
49.3297327, 8.6587506

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In a forest near Sandhausen, about 9 km south of Heidelberg.




Expedition total: 2.2 hours, walked 19.5 km

The coordinates were in perfect distance to beat my yet longest walk geohash, and I returned early enough from work to get there and back home before sundown (about 90% of the way to the hash and back aren't illuminated by street lights). I started my expedition by following the southbound train tracks until I reached Sandhausen. From there, the hashpoint was easy to find - I just had to follow the L598, a street starting in Heidelberg and leading through Sandhausen to St. Leon-Rot. The hashpoint was just 20 m off the street into a forest.

I didn't want to take the same way back (even though it's a really beautiful route without any cars around) and followed field tracks along the L598, taking a slight detour of about a km at a point where I couldn't safely cross the street and had to turn west.