2009-08-26 33 -84

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Wed 26 Aug 2009 in Atlanta:
33.6147963, -84.1615897

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It is in the back woods of Conyers. I made it out to the hash point after work.



I made it out to the closest point with road access. That point turned out to be a convenience store. I parked in the parking lot and got out of my truck there. I started to walk around to the back of the store and then through some of the thick woods. As soon as I made it through about 50 feet or so, I could see a trail and as soon as I spotted the trail, along came three people riding on 4 wheelers.

I waved at them and they stopped. I introduced myself and explained a little about Geohashing and then showed them the Google map print out. I asked if any of them were the property owner and one of them said that he was. I asked his name and he told me that it was Matt. I asked him if it was okay to find my way to the point. He said that not only was it okay to go, that he wanted to go too. I hopped on the back of his 4-wheeler and off we went for about 100 yard. I tapped him on the back when the eTrex was point directly to the left.

He stopped there and we got off and walked the last 500 feet through the brush. 200 feet into the brush, I stepped on a snake and Matt saw it. Matt pushed me back out of the way and he reached down and grabbed it by the tail. I took a picture of it. He told me that it was a King Snake[1] and wasn't poisonous. He said that it was only a year or two old at 4 feet long. He said that he had seen them 8 feet and longer.

We continued on our way to the hash point. I found the exact spot and the eTrex would not lock on. I did the GPS dance for a few minutes and then decided on 6 feet to go. Close enough.

I took a few pictures and then we headed back. We took the long way back which was via the 4-wheeler trails. It was about twice the distance of going straight back but at least it wasn't through the thick brush with snakes all around.

On our way back we came about 50 feet from a family of deer but no buck. Bow season for deer starts here in 2 weeks but only for Bucks. I guess they have figured that out by now and have hi-tailed(no pun intended) it out to the state parks by now.

We made it back to the store and I thanked Matt and headed back to my truck to drive home to Norcross.



NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-08-26.