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Sun 23 Aug 2009 in Chemnitz, Germany:
50.9003524, 12.0261624

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In a field northwest of Gera.


I saw this very doable hash while checking for points along my train ride from Regensburg to Kiel. Since my connection of choice allowed me to take a break of two hours at Gera Hbf, I decided to go for it.

Almost blindly following the automatic route suggestion from my Vista HCx (based on Openstreetmap data), I cycled north on a very nice track along a river called Weiße Elster ("white magpie") and then towards the west through some villages. A part of the road was closed because the blacktop was being renewed, but the sidewalk was still usable.

The hillside leading up to the hash had gardens with small huts (somewhat like allotment gardens, but a bit larger), and meadows with various fruit trees in them. I parked my bike at the end of the path, and - without walking onto any apparently private property - slipped through a gap in an old fence onto the field, from where it was just a few footsteps to the coordinates.

... and I also made it back to the station in time, even though I logged a geocache on the way.