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Sat 22 Aug 2009 in Utrecht:
52.3733159, 5.3712666

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In a field next to a canal?


  • Arvid will/did not make it due to transportation failure. 5km underway he had a flat tyre and found out the subframe to which his luggage rack is attached was broken. The luggage rack could go up and down multiple centimeters without applying any force whatsover. It was still in it's place, but traveling 250km with it seemed like a *bad* idea. He had no way to contact thepiguy then through irc/others.
  • user:thepiguy


Arvid will meet thepiguy at the Almere Buiten train station at 15:32.


thepiguy set off from Amsterdam in the morning and even made it to Almere Buten ahead of schedule.

Once there he proceeded to wait, and then wait, and then wait some more. Once it was apparent that something had happened to Arvid, thepiguy decided to set out on his own.

Regretting the fact that neither gohasher had thought to exchange phone numbers (oops) thepiguy followed his GPS into the unknown.

Long story short, thepiguy made it to the correct latitude and longitude... just not at the same time. He circled the geohash (squared it actually) and tried approaching from the north, east and south. By the time he arrived to the west of the geohash, it was already late and there was a Dutch farmer working in a nearby field. He had already been prowling around the premise for some time now, and opted to leave before meeting the Dutch police.