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Fri 21 Aug 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0181646, 12.0780598

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The spot is in a playground in the south-western corner of the city park - the first spot inside the Regensburg city limits this year!

dawidi checked out the location on his way home on Thursday. There are lots of typical playground devices around that should facilitate sillyness, including a small red hut directly at the coordinates (photo opportunity and a shelter in case of rain!), a "get yourself dizzy" carousel and a table-tennis table.

As the thunderstorms and rain thingies seem to be pretty much avoiding Regensburg again today, we'll meet on location at around 19:00 or a few minutes earlier, and having a drink at a nearby beer garden in the park, or an ice cream in town, afterwards.


Tomcat, Hans, Nicole, Jochen, huirad and dawidi met at the coordinates, forgot to take a picture of the GPS, and didn't stay very long because there was still a family on the playground. Instead, they sat down in a nearby café for dinner and ice cream, respectively. Afterwards, they cycled a few hundred meters, solved, found and logged a geocache.

Jochen, Nicole and dawidi returned to the playground after dark and tried out some of the toys until Jochen lost his wind and dawidi got slightly queasy from too many Gs on the carousel.