2009-08-19 50 10

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Wed 19 Aug 2009 in 50,10:
50.5463064, 10.6968611

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After her nice holiday at the Sziget festival in Budapest (unfortunately there was no geo hash in Budapest the whole time) Manu was happy when she saw that there was another 50-11-hash in bike distance. Before her start she checked the coordinates again und was surprised to see the geo hash moved to another place due to the technical malfunction. So why not take the (now) much nearer geo hash in 50-10?! Although it was very hot outside Manu took her bike and got near to the hash quickly. Then she left it near the road, when she had to enter the steep and abundantly covered with vegetation forest to walk the last painful 80 metres. Finally Manu reached the coordinates and enjoyed the ride home (mainly downhill) afterwards. A nice tour of 33 km.