2009-08-19 33 -84

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Wed 19 Aug 2009 in Atlanta:
33.3315018, -84.3915237

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I ended up going somewhere.



I was very confused about this one as in Yesterday Tuesday Aug 18th, I get a set of coordinates early in the morning. I set out planing all day on planing a route. I set my eTrex up with directions. Just before I leave work for the Hash point, I print a map of where the hash point is and it is in a totally different place. I have the peeron map still up with the hash point that I was going to. Something wasn't right. I hit refresh and then peeron map jumps to a new place. What the?????

The hash point is in the exact opposite direction that I made plans to go. I couldn't make it to the hash point.

Today, I was very skeptical about today's hash point. I kept hitting refresh all day long. It didn't change. So I set off.

It was a drive to Fayetteville out to the middle of nowhere. The closest road access to the hash point, has a complete house almost a mile from anything else, just sitting there. Seems very strange to me.

I got out of my truck and looked at my eTrex. 0.39 miles to go. As I started through the woods, the bugs were every where. I was slapping at mosquitoes constantly as I made my way to the hash point.

I ran across a few deer and other animals that scurried out of the way. I found the hash point with 2.43 feet to go.

The hash point was at an old place where a still had been set up to brew moonshine. Yeeee.... Haaawwwww! I took a few pictures and made a dash back to my truck to evade the army of mosquitoes that were now tracking me down.

I went over to investigate the house in the middle of nowhere. I noticed that none of the doors were locked but someone had put a piece of wire in each of the doors to be able to tell if someone had opened the doors. The strange thing to me is driving away from where I parked, it was several miles until I came across someone, and they were just driving on the other side of the road.

I was half thinking that if someone was going to dump a body, going out to that hash point would probably be the perfect place because I doubt that any one had been there since the middle 1970's.



NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-08-19.