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2009-08-16 55 12

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Sun 16 Aug 2009 in København:
55.8929070, 12.8161114

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[edit] Location

In some Swedish bushes on the side of a road.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Planning

"Wanna' go to Sweden?"


[edit] Expedition

thepiguy was supposed to be relaxing in Copenhagen for the weekend, but the lure of a Swedish Geohash proved too much for him to resist!

A quick train ride to Malmö, and a transfer to Landskrona, put thepiguy+1 3km from the Gohash. The rout couldn't have been easier, requiring them to follow what turned out to be a well marked senic bike path the entire 3km!

They had a pleasant walk in the sun through Sweden, and spent a few hours in Malmö before heading back to Copenhagen.

[edit] Images