2009-08-10 47 -122

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Mon 10 Aug 2009 in Seattle:
47.6641552, -122.1047709

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[edit] About

A Redmond business park, in the parking lot, third space from the entrance, looks to be for a compact car.

[edit] Participants

Thomcat and daughter

[edit] Plans

  • Thomcat will try to be there at 3:00 pm. Getting back across 520 shouldn't be too bad that way.

[edit] Expedition

A stunning success, and I was right about the Compact Car space. Brought along my daughter who quickly got busy with the sidewalk chalk. I also chalked the post, which might even still be there - hard to rain on that.

This being a special occasion (any day spent with your daughter instead of working is a special occasion!) I brought muffins to munch on at the hash point. Since just the two of us showed up, we decided to eat one each.

[edit] Photos