2009-08-07 51 10

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Fri 7 Aug 2009 in 51,10:
51.9972654, 10.8644044

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[edit] Location

Today's hashpoint is on a wheat field near Badersleben in the area of the Harzkreis.

[edit] Participants

pari and his family

[edit] Plans

Getting there by car and walking the last few hundred meters. As it is my mom's birthday and she likes my crazy hobby, my family wants to come with me. :)

[edit] Expedition

The tour there took about 30 minutes. We drove till we reached the town Badersleben where it was still 2 kilometers to go. A dirt track with fields next to it lead to the direction the GPS told me. The whole area was quite hilly and from a heightened point we had a nice view over the landscape. Many wind power stations surrounded us and we also noticed the reason why they must have been placed there. ;) After slowly driving along the bumpy way, we parked the car next to the road and walked the last 250 meters.

[edit] Photos