2009-08-06 51 -113

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Thu 6 Aug 2009 in 51,-113:
51.9224046, -113.7456359

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In a farm field, some kilometres south of Red Deer.



I had bought a bicycle out of someone's back yard for about $35 and so decided to try to ride it to the nearest geohash. I said I wasn't going to go, but then I went anyway.


It was a little windy and many of the roads were both less flat and less paved than I had expected, but there was little traffic and those vehicles that came by were extremely considerate, slowing right down and giving my lots of room to pass, although there must not have been many bicycles on those roads. The seat, pedals, handlebars and tires all remained attached to the bicycle in their original configuration. I gave a little cheer when I crossed the 51st parallel from the Red Deer into the Calgary graticule. I reached the field in which the geohash lay, but it was clearly private property, so I did not walk into it to reach the geohash.

The bicycle did not self destruct on the way back, either, and then I took it apart to fly it north to Fort Saskatchewan, where I reassembled it and gave it to Meghan.