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Wed 5 Aug 2009 in Bamberg:
49.7412263, 10.0698287

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Today's location is in a harvested corn field next to Westheim, a part of Biebelried, not far from Würzburg.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Kitzingen

Weather: sunny, warm. Very nice



I wanted to do this expedition by bike because it wasn't far, I wanted to try a route I had never used before and the weather was really nice. But preparation for my journey to Italy took longer than planned and I decided to take the car instead to save time.

I reached Westheim without incident, but then it became complicated. On the field track next to the hashpoint where I wanted to stop a tractor and a combine harvester were driving, so I turned and tried to approach the hashpoint from the other side. When I was standing there between the fields and looking on my map, the tractor and the combine harvester passed, taking a curious look at me. I left the car and walked over the stubble field to the hashpoint where I chose a straw bale to take pictures of Scott. I wanted to chalk the next field track, but I had lost my chalk box. When I returned the way I had come I found it again, but then I found the track to be one where the chalk would not hold on. On my way back to the car the chalk box fell out of my pocket again, but again I found it. While I was walking back across the field, the combine harvester passed me and started to harvest the next field. I guess the farmer was wondering what I was doing there.


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