2009-08-05 -37 145

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Wed 5 Aug 2009 in -37,145:
-37.7412263, 145.0698287

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The Place[edit]

On the footpath of Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna.



Felix Dance[edit]

Sasha was the one who instigated this expedition - when I'd checked the website I thought it was in Healesville (I hadn't updated the date on the map), so I was pretty happy to hear that the point was accessible.

After work I jumped on my bike and headed north through the city and Brunswick (where I visited my auntie and uncle on the way). Following Heidelberg Road it didn't take me too much effort to reach Millicent Street in Rosanna (especially since I was using these new TravelSmart maps to navigate).

Here I met Adam and Sasha who'd gotten here by train and were waiting around for me to turn up with the GPS. Now, as in the last two geohashes, the coordinates for the hash according to the GPS did not quite match up with those of the Look-up Map - again the GPS told us to travel 150m to the north of our expected location. Luckily this suited us fine, as it meant we didn't have to barge into a private house demanding to stand in their pantry taking photos of each other. Instead we walked around the corner and found the point right on the footpath of Lower Plenty Road and Arden Crescent. Another geohasher, Mitch, also turned up at this stage, and by yet a third mode of transport: car.

Here we took idiotic timed photos of each other and waited for Stevage who had spent the last 20 minutes getting lost along the Yarra on his bike. Sadly, we never got to hold a complete reunion of all those in the car for the 2009-07-24 -36 146 geohash (coming home from a ski trip), as Adam and Sasha had to take the train home before Steve arrived.

After taking yet more photos and wandering in and out of someone's side yard depending on the vagaries of the GPS, Stevage, Mitch and I retired to a nearby Thai restaurant where we explored the local cuisine and talked about the cultural differences of the Russian and American space programmes over a bottle of cheap wine. Mitch was kind enough to allow Stevage to drive us all to a mutually convenient homeward location where we managed to flout several technical road rules in front of a large police contingent.