2009-08-03 51 12

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Mon 3 Aug 2009 in 51,12:
51.3122230, 12.1963823

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A bike expedition of 42 km Manu undertook between work and cinema.

The geo hash was located in a field near Leipzig, but as a lot of them are already harvested, Manu decided to go on a bike tour. Unfortunately she had to cross the whole city which meant to cycle next to cable car tracks and often stop at traffic lights. Even after she had left Leipzig it did not get better, because Manu was cycling on a main road with a lot of traffic, but without a bikeway. After 20 km she could finally turn on a quiet road. There the geo hash could already be seen - located on a harvested field! The ground was dry and so Manu could even cycle on the field... with her road bike (still much better than a cobble stone pavement)... The geo hash was unspectacular: Manu took some photos of endless fields and after that she headed home using some light traffic roads. Moreover she arrived on time at the cinema later.