2009-08-02 42 -72

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Sun 2 Aug 2009 in 42,-72:
42.5333294, -72.1774206

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Top of dirt road hash is off


Inside the Harvard Forest in Athol.
Harvard Forest main page
A detailed map of where we were




My son, Gavin, and I set out on our first adventure with great enthusiasm on this rainy day. After a supply stop we headed out. Gavin promptly fell asleep. The drive was very nice, essentially going around the Quabbin Reservoir to get to the hashpoint. The map shows the hash was right off a regular road, which turned out to actually be an overgrown, deeply rutted, dirt road. My car was definitely not going down that. I checked the distance and it was only 5000 feet away. The rain had slowed to a sprinkle here and there. Gavin and I decided to walk it.
Once we were traveling down the road I noticed signs saying it was the Harvard Forest. It was very swampy and the mosquitoes were numerous and aggressive. I kept carrying Gavin because I didnt want him to get any ticks in the grassier sections of road. I made a mental note to always pack bug repellent.
When we were 300ft adjacent to the hash I made Gavin get on my back and tried to venture into the woods. This area was much drier and more sparsely grown. Inside the bugs were just as numerous and aggressive, but my slower walking speed gave them an easier target. We turned back and took a few pics on the road.
While not making it we had fun and Gavin wants to go "Find the flag" again as he puts it. I also used the drive time he was awake to teach him to say "We're from the internet" if we encounter anyone.