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2009-08-02 28 -81

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Sun 2 Aug 2009 in Orlando:
28.5333294, -81.1774206

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[edit] Location

In the middle of the Orlando Suburbs, right next to my old Elementary school. A nice 10 minute or so walk.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

Considering how close the geohash is, I'll probably just walk down there with my camera and a tripod. Expecting to go there, snap a few pictures, go home without incident.

[edit] Expedition

Ended up biking, leaving most of the planned supplies at home. Completely ignored everything around me, rushed to the hash. Got there and sat down waiting for some wary onlookers who happened to notice me suddenly stop in what was perhaps the least interesting spot in a 5 mile radius. Decided I'd take a picture of my brother's bike first.

The camera refused to take a picture.

After a bit of fiddling with it, it died. Of course! It had run out of batteries! Incredibly angry at this ridiculous oversight, I rushed home to get new batteries. Again ignoring my surroundings, I ran in the door, and went straight for the camera bag. I grab the batteries and went once more for the door, halfway out my mom sees me. "Where are you going?"

"Geohashing, remember?"

"I thought you just went!"

"The camera batteries died! Have to go back!"

"No! We have stuff to do!"


And of course, 15 minutes later, nothing has been done. Sigh. I could have been there and back by now.