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Sat 1 Aug 2009 in Bamberg:
49.8330528, 10.1372207

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The hashpoint is in a harvested field (kind of crop not recognizable, but not corn, maize or sugar beet) between Schernau and Schnepfenbach, both part of Dettelbach.



Danatar and thepiguy met in the afternoon at pre-established set of coordinates completely unrelated to geohashing. They then cycled along an all-to-familiar bike route to the hash point.

Along they way, Danatar apparently got tired of thepiguy's whining ("There are to many bells in Europe!") and decided to quiet him down by teaching him some German. This initially resulted in more whining ("You guys have strange letters that are hard to pronounce!") but by the time they reached the hash thepiguy was able to say "Ich heiße Kevin", "Ich komme aus Kanada" and a few other phrases.

As they reached the location thepiguy realized that although a country full of farmers fields may be inconvenient during the spring and summer months, but once said fields start getting harvested, that same country becomes full of empty land just waiting to be geohashed in!

The two geohashers celebrated the success by stacking their hashscots and enjoying the fresh new bag of August Nibs, then turned around and began their return journey.

A few minutes later, while biking along the side of a harvested wheat field, Danatar forcefully put on his brakes. thepiguy screeched to a halt a few meters ahead and turned around just in time to see Danatar grab a handful of something off the ground and fling it towards his face. The substance being launched towards him was apparently left over wheat, and in Germany it is also apparently acceptable to throw it at those around you. thepiguy was just lucky that it wasn't maize cobs. They then proceeded to have a James Bond style chase through the town of Schernau with Danatar in the lead and thepiguy holding a fist full of wheat.

Later Danatar suddenly stopped again, this time to save a caterpillar that was walking along the track. It was barely relocated to the wayside when a combine harvester came racing along the track, forcing the humans to flee to the next side track to let it pass without being harvested.