2009-07-27 40 -92

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Mon 27 Jul 2009 in Kirksville:
40.3102140, -92.2749617

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The day's hash was in a grassy field northeast of Adair, Missouri.


excellentdude: Since this evening was my night off for the week, I checked the local coordinates earlier in the day. They weren't incredibly far away from where I was in Kirksville. That said, it was my last full week on this job for the year, and I was going to spend the evening hanging out with friends I wasn't going to see for awhile before I considered geohashing. That evening, a few of us decided to go out to one of the local Mexican restaurants. We had our fun there, and then as we were leaving tried to come up with something to do for the rest of the night. After a short time, I brought up the idea of geohashing and trying to reach the day's coordinates since they were nearby. My two companions, Sarah and Kiera, are definitely the type for random trips, and they thought it sounded like a fun idea. So off we went!

We all piled into my car and headed east out of Kirksville. About halfway to the hash, two of us decided we really needed to use the restroom, so we turned around and went to a store on the eastern edge of Kirksville to take care of that. (Thanks Mexican food!) Once again we piled into my car and headed out for a second shot at getting to the hash. On the way, I remembered something from when I'd looked at the satellite photos earlier in the day. The map showed the roads not getting that close to the hash, but the satellite view appeared to show a couple roads leading almost right to the hash. When we got close, we figured out the reason for this. Right about when we got to a place where I figured we'd have to park the car and start walking, the road continued through a wide open gate. This was the road that traveled in the general direction of the hash. A short time later, there was another wide open gate that the road continued through. We proceeded until the road sort of just died into grass. Parking the car, we continued along vehicle tracks in the grass that picked up where the road left off.

About half the distance we needed to go along the tracks, we found a skunk. At this point, we debated about whether to proceed. After seeing that the skunk was very interested in whatever it was pawing at on the ground and not even noticing us, we left the tracks and went way around the skunk. A short time later, and not far off the tracks, we got to the hash! I took the normal pictures, but with no flash on my iPhone and a local time of 8:55pm they were pretty dark. I really like a couple of them, though. Also because of the darkness, I couldn't get any pictures of the skunk. Sarah might have a few she took with a real camera to share later, though. After hanging out at the hash for a few minutes, and not wanting either of the gates to close on us, we headed back to the car. The skunk was still there, still very preoccupied with whatever he had. We once again bypassed him and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful evening! Thanks for indulging me, Sarah and Kiera!


excellentdude earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -92) geohash on 2009-07-27.
excellentdude earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Sarah and Kiera to the (40, -92) geohash on 2009-07-27.