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Sun 26 Jul 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.1404944, 12.0894649

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In a corn field next to Oberhub airfield, about 20km north of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat and Hans[edit]

We met at around 14:20 next to the Danube near my home, and cycled into town. We noticed lots of cyclists (too many even for a sunny Sunday afternoon in July), then realized that today was the day of the region's largest bicycle "marathon", from Regensburg to a mountain in the Bavarian forest and back. Not all the cyclists had numbers, I guess many just took the day as an occassion to take their bikes out of the cellar and try if they still work.

Nevertheless, we made it to Regenstauf and from there to Oberhub. The hashpoint was 23m off the road into a corn field, and therefore inaccessible, so we proceeded to the airfield to watch a few sports aircraft (this one, for example) unknowingly flying (roughly) over the hash.

On the way back, we found several geocaches and met other local cachers at one of them, and stopped for iced coffee/chocolate/cake in Regenstauf before cycling home, where we arrived shortly before 20:00 (instead of around 18:00 as planned).

Panorama beyond and below the end of the runway, about 160m west of the hash