2009-07-26 40 -75

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Sun 26 Jul 2009 in 40,-75:
40.1404944, -75.0894649

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In a residential area at the intersection of three yards.



We will attempt this point in the early afternoon.


On the way to a party nearby, we stopped in a driveway 25 metres from the point. No one answered the doorbell at the house nearest the driveway. The point was on a bit of scrubby land near but not past a fence. It wasn't really clear whose if any property the geohash was on, as there were three houses there. We walked over and found the point in a patch of occupied notably by both poison ivy and stinging nettles. The GPS was photographed there. We were photographed a few metres away. We chalkmarked the road and then continued to the party.

The party was good, even though the host's freezer was discovered to have malfunctioned.