2009-07-21 44 -78

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Tue 21 Jul 2009 in Peterborough:
44.0188884, -78.8363438

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Today's hash was located on Enfield Rd, north-east of Oshawa.



A hash on the road somewhere? You'd have to be crazy not to try a Speed racer achievement.

Entering the hash on my GPS at work, I noticed that the battery was at 2 bars. I wasn't even done entering the number when I got 0 bars, and a low battery warning. So, I had my GPS off for the most part.

Using directions to get within 1 concession, I turned the GPS on and started collecting track data about 2 km away from the hash and rolled through the hash a little under 50 km an hour (approaching a stop at 9th Concession), stopped and saved my track.

I turned around and parked on the road. No shoulders, and no public parking in the hamlet/villiage of Enfield, so I was a bit unconfortable hanging around, and it was starting to rain, so I ran back to the hash, snapped a pic of my GPS declaring victory, did a little dance, then hopped back into 'Em' to start on my trek back home.

Lots of fields out there, and one 500 kVA power line corridor. Also, I passed a huge mansion on Trulls as I was heading back to relative civilization.

Earned the Speed Racer achievement, the Virgin Graticule achievement, and I'm one step closer to getting the Minesweeper Geohash achievement.

Edit: This is part of a Consecutive geohash. See 2009-07-22 43 -79 for the exciting conclusion!