2009-07-19 52 7

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Sun 19 Jul 2009 in 52,7:
52.4147334, 7.1256176

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Arvid skipped quite a few very nice opportunities the last days, but was gonna go for this one. Nice for a sunday morning. And good for a tron and some other things.



Tracklog by bicycle

At 8:50 I was off to get a proper Tron. I already have one where I was close, but the Tron achievement didn't exist, I was just riding a round, and the hash was on the road. The only place where I went wrong that time was the last bit, close to my home. That surely wouldn't happen this time!

Following my planned track went pretty well. There were some unpaved bits, which was kind of expected, but nothing too bad. There was some drizzle, but I don't mind that. I got every turn right until the last one. I was looking for a place to pee and then ignored the road on the right, where I'd wanted to go. I stopped just after, peed, and then found out. Oh. Well, next turn then. Also gives me the opportunity to try and reach the road closest to the hash from the other side. That worked out fine.

The hash was in a meadow. At first(10:20) I found a proper fence. But as it was empty and I looked a bit better I thought I saw an open fence. I got back on my bikw and indeed: 100m further there was an open gate. Eager not to cross my own track I kept as much left as I could and walked into the meadow. Even the gps-dance went so well I didn't cross my own track. I walked back and pulled my bike out of the wall onto the road. Then I paused and ate and drank. This was between trees, so therefore there is some jitter in the signal. I really was standing still.

At 10:35 I was off again. By now I wasn't the only one awake, and found some nordic walkers on the cycle path in the way. Except for that everything went fine until I was back in Gildehaus. I missed a turn again, but could get back on my planned track again without much hassle. They have nice cobblestones there. On a steep bit in drizzle. My rear wheel slipped through, but it wasn't too bad. The rest was easy and I was back home again at 12:15.