2009-07-19 40 -86

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Sun 19 Jul 2009 in Lafayette, IN:
40.4147334, -86.1256176

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Today's geohash is in a church parking lot south of Kokomo, just off US31.


  • Qunchuy
  • Qunchuy's father
  • Qunchuy's niece


Robyn has been trying to convince Qunchuy to geohash for a while. He liked the idea, except that he said he doesn't participate in forums and wiki. Robyn e-mailed him today's location, and thought she had achieved a puppet master but then discovered that a) Qunchuy had planned to visit this geohash before Robyn e-mailed him (being a weekend, it was possible to plan a day in advance) and b) that this was his second successful geohash, thoroughly disqualifying this so-called puppet hash. Yay for a new geohasher!


The location is a half mile from my parents' house, visible across the field when the corn isn't too tall. I picked up my father and my niece early in the morning (two of my sister's kids were visiting from Chicago that weekend) and we went over. Church was just getting out, so the parking lot was starting to empty. The actual coordinates seemed to be in the middle of a handicapped parking spot occupied by a car, so we walked around the car and counted it as a success. As we were driving away, we noticed a young man walking toward the location looking at a handheld electronic device, and turned back to ask if he was also a geohasher. Before we got close enough to speak, it became obvious that the device was a white iPod and he was merely listening while he walked.


Photograph soon.


Qunchuy earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (40, -86) location, which is the parking lot of a large Christian church, on 2009-07-19.

Qunchuy earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging his father & niece to the (40, -86) geohash on 2009-07-19.