2009-07-17 -37 144

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Fri 17 Jul 2009 in -37,144:
-37.7448658, 144.9820917

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The location[edit]

In the Driveway of a house on Willow St, Preston (?)

Who Went?[edit]


I was in bed, preparing to sleep when the next days hash points became availble. I had a look, and found the point to be less than 5 Km away. maybe I can make that after work tomorrow I thought.

Then, As I mentioned that in the IRC channel, it struck me... it was just about midnight... if i wanted to, I could get up, and get to the hash for a midnight GeoHash!

I procrastinated briefly, then decided to do it.

I got up and dressed, and collected my necessities (GPS, laptop with map open, and phone for it's camera). I grabbed possibly Fergus, and jumped in the car.

A short drive, and only a tiny amount of re-checking directions later, I was at Willow St. The driveway was easy to find, and I wouldn't have to go far enough in to be overly suspicious (wandering around in a quiet neighbourhood at midnight as I was). I tried my best to get some proof, then wrote up a note to leave at the point.

Then a short drive home, and back to bed to write up this report.

Total time: ~30 minutes for the hash, another 30 for the report.

Yep. It was Dark, and i was using a phone without a flash to take photos. They aren't great, I know.