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Wed 15 Jul 2009 in 51,12:
51.1569007, 12.0376454

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This geo hash can be found on a field way near the A9 motorway exit Weißenfels.

Expedition: Manu[edit]

Manu couldn't miss a short visit on her way to work. So in the morning she left Reinhard 20 minutes earlier than usually and left the motorway for a small detour to Wernsdorf. Everything looked exactly like she had expected studying the satellite photos: she found the hash field track, parked her car at its beginning, took Battie the bat with her and walked about one minute to the hash point. There they spent a few minutes to take photos (which wasn't so easy, because the sun was shining brightly) and thereby unfortunately forgot to mark the spot before they went back to the car.

Expedition: Reinhard[edit]

After Manu told me, that the hashpoint was so easy to reach, I thought I should take the small detour of 7 km as well, when I was driving to Leipzig in the evening. Like Manu I parked right at the beginning of the field track, took my little fellows Grünik, Grünko, Kroko and Hasi "the hare" with me and went the 86 m to the hashpoint. After taking some photos we got back to the car, where I noticed that I didn't check the surroundings for XKCD marks. Thus, I ran back to the hashpoint, but couldn't see any suspicious signs. The ground was dry, so I got the idea to scratch a small XKCD with one of my keys into it, in case anybody might get there later that day. After that I continued my trip to Leipzig, not having lost too much time.