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Wed 15 Jul 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.1569007, 12.0376454

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In a small forest north of Schönleiten, about 20km north of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat[edit]

This was just a quick expedition in the evening after work. Tomcat would have been driving past my office anyway, so he picked me up at 19:00 and we drove to Schönleiten via Regenstauf. Next to the small track leading at least to the edge of the forest, there stood several trailers that appeared to have been loaded with dry brush and logs maybe a couple of years ago and then left there to rust and fall apart.

Wading through grass and stinging nettles into the forest, we were attacked by what I think were horseflies, at least their bites really hurt. We made it to the coordinates, rather hastily took pictures (no horizontal panorama this time, but several vertical ones) and got back out onto the meadow again.

I flew a small, weird-shaped toy RC airplane next to the road for a few minutes, then we got into the car and drove back, returning to my office building around 20:30.

Vertical panorama at the hashpoint
Panorama next to the hash forest

(*) for fun, compare the first sentence of the Wikipedia entries about that plant:

  • English: Paris quadrifolia is a species of the genus Paris in the family Melanthiaceae although authorities formerly regarded it as part of the Liliaceae family.
  • German (translated): The Four-leaved Singleberry is a poisonous plant species from the family of Melanthiaceae.

...I kinda find the latter to be more helpful ;-)