2009-07-12 50 8

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Sun 12 Jul 2009 in 50,8:
50.1025873, 8.6765493

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In a house in central Frankfurt.




Frankfurt was only a slight detour on our way back from 50 9 to Heidelberg, so even though it was already late in the day my girlfriend agreed to leave the autobahn and try to reach the hashpoint.

We parked a few hundred meters from the coordinates, walked to the Hans Thoma Street and found the house containing the hashpoint. I had hoped for access to the inside of the house, but the letterboxes were on the outside and at 20:00 on a Sunday I didn't want to bother the residents to disrupt their Tagesschau watching. The front of the house was only 8 m from the hashpoint, but I wouldn't feel right if I called that "reached".