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2009-07-12 46 -64

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Sun 12 Jul 2009 in 46,-64:
46.1025873, -64.6765493

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[edit] Spot Site

Seven smoots southwest street, signficantly southwest Scoudouc, Shediac. See ->

[edit] Someones

Someone sallied southeast, seeking speck.

[edit] Scheme

[edit] Someone

Sunday, safari south, shop, sample sustenance, slip spotwards, snap shutter seeing spot! Should second sally, state situation.

[edit] Safari


Sunday, self, source, sire sallied southward. Sampled savoury sustenance, some shopping, somewhat soggy safari, sunlight slight. Supper sampled, said should steer significantly south soon. Simple speck summoned self!

Shortly, saw speck. Sadly speck seemed southwest. Street similiar, still...strictly, southwest. Sigh... Someone's soil, sod. Scanned surroundings: solo (sans sire, sire's spouse). Seventeen smoots short said stuff.

Slipped southwest, second street. Stuff says...: sixty smoots. Shoot! Still, say! Second story shanty. Snapped shutter. So, speck summoning stalemated, still, satisfying sport.

[edit] Snapshots

[edit] Stamps

Someone earned the Simply Scared Solace
by stopping seventeen smoots short: (46, -64) geohash on 2009-07-12.
20090712 46 -64 Stupid Grin.JPG
Someone earned the S-statements Speaking Stamp
by summarizing safari selecting S-statements solely: (46, -64) geohash on 2009-07-12.
20090712 46 -64 Stupid Grin.JPG