2009-07-11 43 -79

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Sat 11 Jul 2009 in Toronto:
43.3206566, -79.1604565

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Today's point was in Lake Ontario.



Having fun with the data, I decided to embark on a driving adventure around town. Honda Indy was in town after all.

Taking today's point and expanding it to every possible decihash, I then eliminated all the points that didn't appear on public streets. As it turned out, 5% of all the decihashes where on public roadways. I eliminated one point because of distance, then came up with a reasonable route to take me to all remaining 4 points.

Waypoint 3 was on McNicoll between McCowan and Markham (Hwy 48) in Scarborough. Waypoint 2 was on Hwy 404 north of Steeles and south of Hwy 7 near Markham. Waypoint 1 was on Worth Blvd west of Bathurst and North of Beverly Glen in Thornhill. The final point was on a block west of Islington on Redwater north of Leduc and south of Elmhurst in Etobicoke. I started At Yonge (Hwy 11) and Hwy 401 near the bottom centre of the map and worked my way counterclockwise.

The last point was out South West of Hamilton on Hwy 403, and would have taken too long to get to.

I forgot my camera, but I did get a track using my GPS. A picture of the overall course is attached.