2009-07-07 47 -122

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Tue 7 Jul 2009 in Seattle, WA:
47.0907411, -122.6294628

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It's in Fort Lewis, quite near I-5.

New User et al[edit]

I haven't been very actively geohashing lately, but I have been checking for easy points almost every day. This one was a near repeat of 2009-03-24_47_-122. I checked the coordinates in the morning, and noticed it was near my workplace. Google maps showed the point near a road that leads to nothing, so I expected there to be some sort of building or at least a construction site. Good thing I had my GPS handy, but I didn't have a camera available that day. I talked my geohashing friend, but he told me his camera had recently broken. We were eventually able to borrow a digital camera from a coworker. After work, we headed to the location. There were a couple of construction sites nearby, but the spot itself was in a grassy area right next to some seldom-used railroad tracks and near I-5. We snapped a couple photos and then went home. It was later that evening that I realized I didn't have the new micro USB cable to get the pictures of the camera (it seems they keep making USB smaller and smaller). That's why I wasn't able to get this writeup done until today.