2009-07-05 50 -120

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Sun 5 Jul 2009 in 50,-120:
50.3518423, -120.1062209

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Across the streeet and up the hill, through the water right of way, from my brother's house


Rhonda's dad


Another easy hashpoint just east of Kamloops. Actually it was very near where Rhonda's Uncle, Aunt and cousin live. We told them about it the day before and asked what the best way to get up in the hills would be since there are private residences all along both sides of the road. We did know several of the residents though, and Aunt suggested which yard to cut through as there was a water line easement on the east side of said property. This easement proved to be the easiest route up the steep bank, and then we were able to hike along a cut in the bank for a hundred meters. Then back up through an old fence that was half laying down to the hash point. Back down the hill and then stopped to chat with cousin's husband and explain what we were doing. Afterward we had to head home as the kroketten needed to be made.