2009-07-05 47 -118

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Sun 5 Jul 2009 in Davenport:
47.6482338, -118.0167654

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A farmer's field, 9.5 km east of Davenport.



It was a sunny and hot day, and a Davenport geohash would be on the way home to Seattle if we take Highway 2 out of Spokane. I found the side road easily and parked. I thought from the satellite photo I could cover 70% of that distance, but it looks as if the farmer has plowed that over since the photo was taken. The field had fresh young wheat growing, with no way to cover the last 351 meters. Respectful geohasher that I am, the expedition ended here.

The rest of the trip home went well. We took highway 28 (which I haven't done before) and ran into a swarm of locusts (many of whom chose my windshield as their final resting place).