2009-07-04 50 -120

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Sat 4 Jul 2009 in 50,-120:
50.6922982, -120.6337631

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Just 20 or thirty feet off the road, beside someone's driveway.


Rhonda's dad


Hopped in the Jeep and headed out. Well Rhonda's dad filled the water bottles.


Need to see

It was another beautiful day in paradise, so we decided to catch a nice easy hashpoint in Cherry creek. After fueling up, and cleaning windshield of course, we headed out for a 15 minute drive.

One of my favorite wildflowers was in bloom, so I have to include a picture of this one. Found the spot, and then headed back into town. Didn't want to stay too long after all it did say private property on the open gate. On our way back home we did have to stop at Toys R Us. Rhonda will know why next week as it will be enroute shortly. (And her name is Sophie)