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Sat 4 Jul 2009 in 49,8:
49.6922982, 8.6337631

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A meadow on a hill in Bensheim.




Expedition total: 4.3 hours, cycled 73 km

Things learned: When cycling for four hours in the sun, (a) any amount of water taken along will be too little and (b) SPF 20 isn't enough to prevent a cyclist's tan.

My last scruples about going on this expedition were swept away in the morning, when the weather promised to be perfect for a cycling trip. Judging from the satellite pictures, it wasn't clear whether the meadow with the hashpoint on it would be fenced. Also, a 70+ km roundtrip seemed a bit long. But the way to the coordinates would only lead through flat terrain (except for the last 500 m to the hashpoint), so I decided to risk a Coordinates not reached and packed my things - most importantly two bottles of water, one liter of grape juice and sunscreen.

The route lead along the Bergstraße with many beautiful sights and well-maintained cycling paths. It was an enjoyable, but rather uneventful ride.

The Odenwald hills to my right and the all-too-evident position of the sun made it easy to navigate, so I didn't have to look at my map until I arrived in Bensheim. I found the trail leading uphill to the hash and cycled along the track. A small water runnel followed it almost all the way - that must be the reason the trail is called Am Brunnenweg ("at the fountain's way").

The hashmeadow was easy to find; before it a ruinous fence no longer serving to protect it from anything. I walked to the hashpoint, took the obligatory picture of me grinning stupidly and walked back to the fence to set up my little tripod. I didn't bring a hashtag but decided to emulate the deeds of others and write the xאrя letters using my body.

The way back is always shorter and faster. After a while, I saw lightnings in the distance and knew I was driving head on into a thunderstorm. It started as a refreshing shower after a couple of minutes, but soon the rainfall became stronger and highly uncomfortable. I was near Dossenheim and Heidelberg was only about 20 more minutes away, but I decided to seek shelter at a gas station and to wait for the rain to settle down. I could continue after a couple of minutes and arrived home soaked, but happy.