2009-07-04 44 -68

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Sat 4 Jul 2009 in 44,-68:
44.2025619, -68.8738082

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Right along a pretty nice gravel road in the middle of Dedham, Maine. 20090704 44N68W OverviewMap.png


SimianFriend (me), plus the family, dragged along on "one of dad's hobbies". They're learning not to ask too many questions.


There's a serious shortage of planning on these things thus far.

Next time, I promise - maybe someone else will show, eventually. But probably not unless the weather improves....


Rain, and plenty of it. Photos to come. Fortunately, this hash landed in a road, so no getting out of cars was required. It's been a rainy month or two. No one else showed up, probably due to it being Independence Day and folks having other things to do, or possibly because the rain was coming down in buckets. Not a good time to go out and meet new folks - the conversations are apt to be pretty terse, and only related to the current meteorological conditions, which are well known by that point.

Photos to come. Lovely place to go when it's clear. Nothing to see today, though.