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2009-07-01 48 11

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Wed 1 Jul 2009 in München, Germany:
48.0283638, 11.4602629

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[edit] Location

The edge of the Forstenrieder Park (wildlife park) southwest of Munich. Public transportation in the nearby villages of Buchenhain and Baierbrunn.

[edit] Expedition

I live in the southwest part of Munich and already did some excursions to the Park, so i decided to walk. I started at about 1.30 pm from home and crossed the outskirts of Munich for about 5.3 kilometers and the Park for about 6.1 kilometers (according to Google Maps). Since i have no GPS device, i don't know if i picked the exact spot, but following the road pattern i was at least passing by.


After that i planned on walking back home to achieve the longest distance walked, but it started raining. So i took the train back home. Total distance therefore: 11.4 km

[edit] Photos

Nusa earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (48, 11) geohash on 2009-07-01 on foot.